Eco-Friendly Plain Lanyards

One of the most dangerous threats of this millennium is global warming caused by continuous abuse of our eco-system. In order to tackle this pressing issue, we all need to act now. Our company understands the challenge and responsibility of being supportive of the environment and making the world greener. This is why we offer you one of the fastest growing lanyard types in the industry – our collection of revolutionary bio-degradable plain lanyards made from organic materials such as recycled yarns or bamboo. Get all the benefits of ordinary plain lanyards, at the same time contributing to the environment.Read more


Advantages of eco-friendly plain lanyards:


  • Saving the environment using recycled materials
  • Cheap, practical and durable – stitched together for a good long-lasting lanyard
  • Minimalistic appearance – sometimes the best design could be just 1 colour plain


However, if plain is not what you are after, then for 1 or 2 colour print lanyards with a simple design and good quality check our range of Silk Screen Printed Lanyards.

If you would like to experience the same quality as silk screen printed but at the same time helping the environment fight global warming – then definitely consider our new collection of Eco-Friendly Silk Screen Printed

If your design is too complex for silk screen printing or you are looking for images with graduated colours, then check out our range of Dye Sublimation Lanyards.

For the MOST durable lanyards that will stand up to the most challenging of conditions, we invite you to consider our range of Jacquard Woven Lanyards.